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For the first time Chumblin Media are proud to offer these never before seen stills from the 1968 feature film ‘’The Battle Of Britain’’ They have been directly taken from the original 35mm and 70mm film and digitally re-mastered. These stills capture the elegance of the Spitfire the power of the Hurricane performing their deadly aerial ballet against a formidable foe. During the summer of 1940, the Royal Air Force fought the Luftwaffe in the skies above England. Twenty Eight years later, it all happened again, this time for the film ‘’The Battle Of Britain’’.

The decisive air battles of the struggle to control the skies over Britain are re-fought for this epic wide screen colour feature film.

Practically all the last remaining examples of aircraft that played a part in the battle, are gathered together & restored to their authentic 1940’s look. It is an assembly of warplanes that will never be seen again.

Only a small proportion of this film was ever used in the final production, the remainder of the original colour negative was set aside & stored in film vaults.

Until now, this unused film material has largely been unseen before. But now, thanks to high definition digital scanning techniques, it is possible to print individual single frames of the 35mm and 70mm original colour negatives as full colour photographs.

The result is an ever growing collection of images available now, for the first time. These stunning images show the aircraft at their best, whether on the ground or in the air.

Capturing aircraft in mid-manoeuvre amongst the clouds or standing at dispersal in the early light of dawn, fighter-on-fighter combat or mixed confused action amongst enemy formations, the Spitfires, Hurricanes, Messerschmitts & Heinkels are the real stars of a film that did not rely on computer generated imagery for its amazing aerial sequences

These are real aircraft, taxing, taking off, swooping across the sky in remarkable displays of flying ability as they recreate the feel, the look, the drama of the aerial battle that saw Hitler’s plans of conquest receive their first defeat.

The opportunity to own full colour high quality photographs from the original colour negative is especially relevant in this, the seventieth anniversary year of the Battle Of Britain

The Battle Of Britain Photographic Collection is an impressive collection of images, creating a valuable new source of historic aviation images.

Chumblin Media supply the film and TV industry with 35mm/HD back projection footage for Green screen work including global street scenes for car back projection as well as aerial footage for aircraft train windows etc etc Free research and viewing DVD's

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